My Pink Lover :)

Voilà mon premier show…ce 17 février 2014…Pamela a enfin le courage de dévoiler toute la vérité,ainsi que de présenter son meilleur intime partenaire…mmmmmmmmmmmm Mesdames et Messieurs…installez vous bien,et prêt à imaginer en direct à Niebo un petit bar Polonais…ceci……….
DSC_1002 Hello Everybody!! My name is Pamela…I’m from France,and because I’m from the country of love,I mean it’s what the people say..I would like to talk about love…Is there any couple tonight???Raise your hands don’t be shy???!!!I hate love! I hate couple! and couple of days ago it was Valentine’s Day ,I really hate this day !!! It’s a perfect day to play,to seem like we are happy and life in love is so beautiful….Booshit!Love is a poison killing us one by one…
To be in couple is to have sex with the same person, almost never!
It’s instead of to go to party to get drunk or to have a crazy night to go to the restaurant together and to not talk at all!
It’s sentences like « Baby what did you cook for me? », or « Could you give him some love »or  » sorry i will be late i’ve got an unexpected meeting at work »
GOD!MEN!This creature who need to put his penis everywhere!! No thanks…I prefer to choose my lover, the only one I had all my life…My Vibrating Pink Lover…It became nowadays microwave and Him appliance very necessary at home!
This accessory can help you in your unsatisfied sexual life or just in your unsatisfied love life!!
Pink Lover…Yes a simple dick in Plastic…Here for you in any moment,any time,any hour, he will never get asleep, he will never come back home drunk!It’s more efficient,less egoist,and i just need to recharge batterie to start again :)
Finish request of cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing, SLAVING STAFF!
Our lover is waiting nicely, quietly, and faithfully at home…
Is it complete hapiness???….Well,sometimes something is missing….(thinking)….and my memories of ex big loves are coming back to me…and I realize…Only my Pink Lover never disappointed me :)


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