When A Dream Adventure Became True…:)

I Finally arrived to my Dream Destination...More Than That...

The Beginning of My New Life :)...Welcome Pami To Melbourne on the 28/04/2015,31 years old,still have all her teeth, and Coming Back to Herself step by step...:)


1st step of MY ADVENTURE :) COUCHSURFING TIME :) my first couchsurfing was kind of hippies place for me...a concept totally new, 20 couchsurfers on the same place, smoking weeds doing Dumpster Diving (achat dans les poubelles)...but kind of big community where everybody is brother and sister...where everybody is welcome wherever is from, wherever is going...a big family full of love, drugs and Rock'n roll ;) !!!!....well a new experiment for Pami, after two days of closing myself...i discovered how nice the people can be around us, when we open our eyes more away than ourself....i found friends, really ones..i had laugh, i had tears, i had fears...but i had a lot of love in such a short time...i recognized life is not so dark ;) and i heard the most charming melody... australian melody of birds....:)

2d step Looking for job :) FAILED :S
The most sure i was before my departure, was "Come On i had job in Ecuador(2 days), in London(one week),in Poland(2 weeks), i will get a job so fast in Australia, that's for sure" I'm THE BEST ON IT....hmmmmmm one month and i still unemployed...well i have been Paid Collector for WWF but nobody like animals, in Australia WTF !!!!???? and i was tired to only sale myself...please could you help animals, at least for me :P !!!!!!! not good speech :P

3d step Be famous :) on this way...
I did my best Performance in Yesallwomen must admitted that...I was Hilarious ;)!!!! and someone added me to facebook to ask me to participate in Glorious Bastard comedy WAOUH.....Melbourne is giving me Luck or I'm just totally AWESOME ;)

4th step NO MORE GUYS....:S :S :S.....FAILED :S
I just cannot resist to the Australian Exotism probably :P...This young man is such a pretty boy...♪♫KISS ME ONCE , KISS ME TWICE COME ON PRETTY BABY KISS ME DEADLY♪♫....
Hmmmm...Not good Pami, Not good ;)

5th Step To Be Happy !!!! I've got it :)♪♫ I'm feeling SEXY and FREE ♪♫ Life is really Wonderful with her Up and Down times...Always follow your Dreams and look after your Happiness, we must stay in the world for a while so, let's go to have some fun THERE :)


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